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Great American Ballpark Stadium Seat Conversion Kit

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Are you a Cincinnati Reds Fan? Do you know someone who is?  If you or someone you know has purchased or was thinking about purchasing a plastic seat back and seat from Great American Ballpark and are looking for a way to turn them into a useable seat, then look no further! 

Stadium Seat Depot has put together a stadium seat conversion kit that is designed to fit the red plastic seat backs and seats from the Great American ballpark.  Our stadium seat conversion kit will turn your plastic seats and backs into a full functioning stadium seat that you can use and enjoy in your own home. 

We are selling our conversion kit with and without Seat Feet.  If you want to bolt your seat down to your floor or deck for stability then you need to order the conversion kit without Seat Feet.  If you want your seat to be portable and stable for sitting without bolting them to your floor or deck then order the conversion kit with Seat Feet.

The conversion kit containes 2 red floor mount Row End standards (frames), 2 red seat arms, and all the hardware needed to construct the seat.  If you buy the conversion kit with Seat Feet it will include 2 Seat Feet, rubber pads for the bottom of the feet and a Stadium ID Plate from Great American Ballpark.  The row end floor mount standards come with row numbers and you can choose which numbers you want on them. 

If you have 2 sets of plastic backs and seats and want to convert to a set of 2 seats, you will have that option.  The conversion kit for a double set will come with 3 red riser mount standards, 4 red seat arms, 3 L-brackets, and all hardware needed to assemble a seat.  There are no row end numbers on the double set.  Double set is available with and without Seat Feet. 

Domestic Shipping for single and Double Seat conversion kits will be shipped via UPS Ground.  For shipping outside of the continental USA, please contact us for shipping quotes.
Conversion kit is shipped unassembled in our customized boxes.

In the very rare case of shipping damage, we do send repair and/or replacement components. We do require digital pictures of each damaged piece emailed to us. The following damage claim time-limit is in place: 14 days from delivery.



These stadium seat conversion kits are sold solely for the purpose of inhanceing your sports  morabilia.  When the seats were bolted to concrete in the stadium which they came from, the seats were stable.  But the seats are no longer bolted to concrete.  Even after securely attaching the seats to the “L” shaped brackets (on the double set) that are provided to you, the seats could collapse or tip over, which could cause serious bodily injury, including, but not limited to, head, neck, and back injury.  Do not sit in, stand on, or otherwise use the stadium seats, and keep children away from the seats until the “L” brackets are securely fastened to a suitable floor.

Once your stadium seats are securely fastened to the “L” brackets provided to you, call a qualified professional, one who works with the types of flooring you have in mind for your seats, to install the “L” brackets to your flooring. Flooring varies and only a professional will know where and how the “L” brackets may be fastened to your floor without destroying or harming your floor and how to ensure that the “L” brackets are securely and safely fastened to your floor.


   NOTE:   If you don't wish to attach your seats to the floor for stability then order a set of Seat Feet to go with your conversion kit.  Seat Feet is a safe alternative that will make your seats portable, stable and safe for sitting without attaching to the floor.

If you have any questions concerning seat orders contact us at 888-789-5550.


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