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LA Memorial Coliseum - Hussey Seating light pink - Rocking Seat Feet / 4" L-Bracket Combos

Price: $249.99
Item Number: 3RSFC-S-4"RM-LAMC / 4RM001

                  LA Memorial Coliseum - Rockin' Seat Feet / 4" L-Bracket Combos
                                       For Hussey Seating light pink Seats

  - You are purchasing a set of 3 Rockin' Seat Feet™ / 4" L-
Bracket Combos - constructed of steel with Black powder coating. 

  - These Rockin' Seat Feet™ / 4" L-Bracket Combo's are designed to attach to the Hussey Seating light pink 
stadium seats removed from Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, home of the University of Southern California Trojans.

  - Each set comes with 3 Rockin' 
Seat Feet™ / 4" L-Bracket Combo's for 2 seats connected together.  ( One Seat Feet™ / 4" L-Bracket Combo per leg needed ).   

  - Also provided are Rubber non slip Pads that provide a protective barrior between the Feet and the floor surface. 

  - The addition of our Patented Rockin' 
Seat Feet™ / 4" L-Brackets will make your Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Seats Portable, Stable and Safe for sitting without the need to bolt to the floor.

  - Rockin' Seat Feet™/ 4" L-Brackets eliminate the need to drill holes in your floor or deck for stability, they will be as stable for sitting as they were when they were bolted in the stadium.

  - Stadium ID Plates are also available for purchase for Joe Louis Arena.

 guaranteed or your money back.



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