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  • Our Patented Seat Feet™ US D617,585 S, US D661,924 S, US D645,279 S make your stadium seats completely portable and stable for sitting WITHOUT attaching to your floor or deck.  NO DRILLING required.
  • Seat Feet™ have rubber pads on the bottom so they will not scar the floor and it also prevents them from scooting.
  • Each set of steel Seat Feet™ is individually powder coated to match the existing seat bracket finish (Black is the standard color-other colors are available by special order for an additional fee.)
  • Seat Feet™ will enable you to use your seats on your deck, in a game room, in a kids room, in the basement, or around the fire or grill.  Enjoy your seats anywhere you want, indoors or out!
  • A set of Seat Feet™ is comprised of 3 individual Seat Feet™ and includes all hardware to mount to the existing L brackets as well as a stadium identification plate and the rubber pads for the under side of the Seat Feet™. 
  • If you purchased a set of bench seats and only need two Seat Feet™, please call our customer service number to place your order.
Review the diagram below to determine if you have floor mount or riser mounted stadium seats. If you are unsure which type of seats you have, please contact us.

Seat Feet™ are designed to fit Riser Mount (L-bracketed) and Floor Mount (stand up) style stadium seats.  SEE THE PICTURES BELOW TO ASSIST YOU IN DETERMINING THE TYPE OF SEAT FEET™ THAT YOU NEED.  If you are unsure which style of stadium seat that you have, please contact us at 1-888-789-5550 for assistance.  

If you have stadium seats from a stadium not listed on this website,  we can customize a set of Seat Feet™ to fit your seats for no additional charge!  Contact us at 888-789-5550 for more details!

Before you order Seat Feet™, you need to identify which type of stadium seats that you have. 
  • Riser Mount in most cases will have black L-brackets attached to the bottom of the seats.
  • Floor Mount were attached directly to the stadium floor and do not have L-brackets.  There are several styles of floor mount seats, we have two examples shown above.

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